Helping Our Community

Giving to those in need and to those in the mission field

We met Charlie in front of Walmart on a night that we were out doing "street evangelism". She is on fire with the Holy Spirit and was not only willing to have us pray for her, but she prayed powerfully for us too! Charlie doesn't hold back and that night we had an amazing encounter with her. We exchanged phone numbers and talked about our churches in hopes we would see her again. It wasn't long after that I got a call from Charlie; it was a call for help. Not an emergency, but help with her son John Jr. John had been in a vehicle accident years ago and because of other complications, was now bed ridden and mostly paralyzed. Charlie and her husband had to do everything for John and it was a 24/7 job. She informed me that if we had the means, she was in need of a van with a lift. This was vital to get John to and from medical appointments. Out team went to work right away looking for donors and searching for a van. Thanks to many contributors and a van in Pace, we found thier new ride. (see image left)

The new van for John Jr.

Many thanks to all who contributed

We believe in missionary work and we give to help missionaries whenever we can. Recently, the Thompson's approached us for help in their finacial goals to go to India as missionaries through eMi (designing a better world of hope). See their website here:

They have kept us informed of their new adventure in Christ and you can follow them too! And, if you want, you could help them out too!

If you want more information about eMi, you can visit them here: