Support for victims of Hurricane Michael

Cause of Christ Revival donates time and buys goods for relief effort
Day 1 - Panama City

Hurricane Michael came ashore at Mexico Beach, Fl and caused devastation along a wide stretch of the Florida Gulf coast. From Panama City to Port St Joe the destruction of Hurricane Michael could be seen. With so many people affected, our Cause of Christ team began to plan our way to help. After making sure our charter could donate goods, we headed to grocery and hardware stores and started loading the vehicles. The first day out, we headed to "war torn" Panama City to help with Lighthouse Church. They had an amazing positive atmosphere and helping mentality. Even though their church no longer had a roof, they were more concerned on getting help to those in need. They had created an amazing "goods in, goods out" system, where trucks would pull up and either load or unload. Within minutes that we were there, we were put to work loading a truck full of hygiene items to be taken to an area of need. After helping there for a while, we headed to the next location. To visit their website, go to:

Our second stop on day one took us south of Lynn Haven, Fl to The Rock of Bay County Church. Their website: The Rock church was also devastated to Michael, but like the Lighthouse, they were more concerned about the locals. The picture on the left is from 2 blocks behind the Rock church. There is actually a building behind all those trees.

It was a blessing to be able to bring people a hot meal and a cold soft drink or water. We drove around the neighborhood asking if people would like some food/drinks and just being a positive face for them to see. We prayed for anyone who would let us (and prayed for those who wouldn't too - but don't tell them) and just listened to the heartbreak of losing so much, if not everything. One couple said they could not get to their car for two days because of the trees down; not that it mattered, because they couldn't drive down their street for another 3 days!

Day 2 - Port St Joe and Howard Creek
Pictured on the right is a house in Port St Joe where we cleared a tree off the left side of the house, we took down hanging branches in the back and more downed trees and saved her pecan tree in the front. She was so appreciative that she cried in thanksgiving for all the help.

We spent a good part of the day in an isolated little town north of Port St Joe called Howard Creek; this community was still without power or gas. We went with a wonderful Christian who was filling up a 300-gallon tank, putting it in the back of his truck and transporting it from Mirama Beach to areas in need! He also filled 16 5-gallon containers as well. In the images below, we are distributing the gas and handing out food/snacks and cold soda. I was amazed at how many people were so thankful for just a cold "coke" and a little gas. We had to ration the gas to 5 gallons per household.

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